“She Was Warned. She Was Given An Explanation. Nevertheless, She Persisted.”

-686Days -15Hours -48Minuts -23Seconds

[Trigger warning for graphic photo of domestic violence below]

And in the end, she got what was coming to her, right, Senator McConnell?

I did domestic violence cases for over a decade and a half. They’re awful, terrible, heartbreaking things, and I can’t tell you how many men I listened to explain their violent and abusive behavior in pretty much these words. “I told her she was pissing me off. I told her she’d better stop. In the end, she brought it on herself. She had it coming.”

Fuck you, Mitch McConnell.

This is altogether too often the end result of that attitude.

For those thinking that this was some brilliant move by McConnell and not a misogynistic fit of abusive pique, I commend to you this from Politico and this from the Post (“zero dimensional chess” is a great phrase that I intend to appropriate whenever possible). #ShePersisted

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