Maryland Civics 101

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In some respects, Governor Larry Hogan has shown some real skill with social media and other forms of digital communication. Currently, he’s running a series of Facebook ads critiquing what he sees as vulnerable Democratic state senators for what he portrays as bad votes. Here’s one targeting Senator Kathy Klausmeier:

Putting aside the merits (or not) of the content of the ad, Senator Klausmeier doesn’t represent Frederick County, but Baltimore County. Not even close, unless we’re grading on a 60 mile curve.

You’d think that a governor in his third year in office would know where state senators come from. You’d think, alternatively, that if he didn’t know, he’d have someone around to take care of factoids like that. But given Hogan’s increasing fixation with those who oppose him (who else do I know who does that?), it’s obvious that they’re feeling a little off balance in the Hogan oppo shop.

They’ve fixed the site now to more accurately reflect Klausmeier’s home area. But like all communication, in the end, if it makes you look like an ignorant dumbass, then it isn’t a good idea.

So what are you saying here? Are you calling Larry Hogan names?

No, no, I’d never do that. Let’s just say that this ad wasn’t a good idea. You can follow the logic – backward – from there, being the super smart special people that y’all are.

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