BREAKING: DeVos Confirmed, 51-50 [UPDATED]

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[UPDATE: One astute reader pointed out that I’m giving too much credit to Senators Murkowski and Collins, who could have killed DeVos’ nomination in committee but chose not to do so. I think this is a very valid point – I’d also add that the public manner in which the two GOP senators’ opposition was announced was also a sham in that it made it very clear that even one more GOP defection would be fatal. Despite rumors all weekend and into this week that one or another senator was wavering, somehow nobody else flipped. Funny thing, huh? So a little less honor for the two senators who voted no. Even in voting against DeVos, they allowed their position to be manipulated by others.]

Betsy DeVos, whose educational qualifications appear to consist of being desperately in need of some education, was just confirmed as Secretary of Education on a 51-50 vote, with Vice President Mike Pence casting the deciding vote. Such a vote by the VP had never before been necessary. Two Republicans acted with dignity and sanity (Murkowski and Collins, make whatbyou will of the fact that both “no” votes were from GOP women). All 48 Democrats voted against DeVos.

When all the allegedly “reasonable” Republicans come around touting their “moderate” credentials, remember today’s vote.

One thought on “BREAKING: DeVos Confirmed, 51-50 [UPDATED]

  1. ksteve8

    A negative vote in committee wouldn’t have necessarily killed the DeVos nomination given the option of making an unfavorable recommendation and sending it to the Senate floor. The only way the committee could have killed it is if they had made had made no recommendation at all. So I wouldn’t dump too much on Murkowski and Collins. The other Republican Senators and the nominator (who deemed this enemy of public schools fit to be US Secretary of Education) are, in my view, beyond contempt.

    Now it’s up to the blue states to ignore her every action or recommendation, none of which will surely be worthy of support.


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