Trump Is Literally A Con Man

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When I was first active on political blogs, beginning mainly in 2004, there was a hip phrase that was always being bandied about by those of us on the left in the face of the imperial war presidency of George W. Bush: IOKIYAR.

It’s OK If You’re A Republican.

Certain rules of behavior and conduct only seemed to matter if the offending party is a Democrat. I didn’t connect it all up then, but we also knew what the Clinton Rules were, and we’ve discussed those here quite a bit. Bill Clinton back in the day, and Hillary Clinton from 2008-2016, was held to a bizarre, amorphous, floating standard of behavior that couldn’t really be defined until the New York Times or the Washington Post had explained it to us. And the end result was always bad.

And now we have self-proclaimed GOP “watchdogs” on ethics and government oversight that – big shocker – just aren’t interested in pursuing claims that involve a GOP president, even one as shockingly dangerous and outside the mainstream as is our resident narcissistic sociopath. As long as Donald Trump allows for enormous tax cuts for the wealthy and regulatory evisceration and keeps women from any meaningful bodily integrity, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and even sniveling morons like Jason Chaffetz are willing to let Trump bust up the entire world.

So on days like today, bringing news stories like this one, all I can say is this: imagine if Bill and Hillary Clinton owned a country club that just decided to snatch $6 million of its members’ money and refuse to give it back for over four years? What would be the result? I’m pretty sure we all know the answer to that question.

A federal judge has ordered a golf club owned by President Donald Trump to refund nearly $6 million to members who said Trump’s team essentially confiscated refundable deposits after taking over the country club in 2012

U.S. District Court Judge Kenneth A. Marra ruled that the Trump National Jupiter Golf Club violated the contracts with members by retaining the fees and locking out many members who had declared their plans to resign.

“The Court concludes that the Plan documents, as properly interpreted, were intended to provide club members of the resignation list with a continuing right to use the Club facilities until their membership was reissued to a new member, provided the club member was otherwise in good standing with the Club,” Marra wrote in a 21-page decision issued Wednesday.

Trump is not personally a defendant in the case, but he did sit for a deposition last year that was played at a bench trial in the case last August. Trump’s son Eric testified live at the trial.

“I have never been more confident after trying a case that this would be the result,” said Brad Edwards, a lawyer for the ex-members. “To me, it was just a matter of time before this verdict came but I’m glad we got it.”

The judge ordered the Trump club to pay over $4.8 million in damages and nearly $1 million in interest.

“It’s the entire amount we asked for—to the dollar,” Edwards said. “They created their own contorted reading of a contract that allowed them to avoid the refundability of the deposits.”

Like all good con men, Trump isn’t about to let a little setback deter him from keeping the grift going.

A lawyer for the Trump Organization, Alan Garten, said an appeal is planned.

“The members who resigned were all members under Ritz-Carlton who resigned prior to Trump taking ownership. Trump purchased the club from Ritz and effectively saved it because it was in financial ruin. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we disagree with the judge’s ruling and intend to appeal it,” Garten told POLITICO.

Time to break out one of my favorite new photographs, which is a more up to date version of the old IOKIYAR, seeing as it mocks the media/”serious lefty” insistence that there wasn’t much difference between Clinton and Trump in 2016. If you said that or pushed that story in the recent campaign, I suggest you retire from political engagement and move to an island, because you really don’t know what your doing, politically or morally. In any event, enjoy, because I intend to begin making liberal use of this meme until you can’t stand it any more.


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