Surrendering Before The First Shot Is Fired

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There’s bad military strategy, and then there’s running out of the foxhole screaming for mercy before the battle even begins. Say hello to our chickenshit compatriots in the US Senate – Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Heidi Heidtkamp of North Dakota, and shockingly, Chris Coons of Delaware, who clearly is misreading the moment and the angry sentiments of the Democratic masses coming out against all things Trump. These are not folks you want next to you in the foxhole – they’re gutless, they’re cowards, and they can’t even hold their water until the battle starts.

Think Progress:

But Democrats’ opposition began to crumble on Tuesday, before Trump even announced his pick.

First, Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) told CNN that he is “not going to do to President Trump’s nominee what the Republicans in the Senate did to President Obama’s.”

“I will push for a hearing and I will push for a vote,” he said.

Then, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said in an interview that his party is wrong to oppose all potential nominees, noting that the person will be conservative and anti-choice, which Democrats will have to accept.

“You’ve got to let him put staff together,” he said, adding the stipulation that he would not support a racist or bigoted nominee.

Then moderate Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) piled on, telling Politico that Trump’s nominee “should get a full hearing” and should “absolutely” get a straight vote rather than be blocked by a filibuster.

And if this becomes the strategy of the Democratic leadership in the Senate, heaven help them all, because the newly energized Democratic left is answerable to no one, and they will turn viciously on this shitty excuse for a plan. 

Instead, a growing number of Democrats are plotting what seems to be a “choose your battle” approach. According to reports from a recent closed-door retreat, some Democrats have decided it’s in their best interest to allow Trump’s first Supreme Court nominee to be approved. Their logic, according to sources, is that if Democrats try to block him or her (but most likely him), Senate Republicans will be able to rewrite the filibuster rules, hurting Democrats in other battles. They argue that opposition should be withheld until the time when Trump will presumably get to name a second justice to the high court.

But any long-game, tactical explanations are hard to support when the president is Donald Trump, the nominee is likely to be extremely anti-choice, anti-gay, and anti-worker, and when the last president’s Supreme Court nominee was blocked by a party that stood together in violating the Constitution by refusing to give him a vote.

These are extraordinary times, new and unpledged forces are afoot in the Democratic left, and these senators are thinking like it’s 1997. This is craven bullshit. At what point do Democrats stop being cowards and actually act with purpose and conviction on critical issues?

3 thoughts on “Surrendering Before The First Shot Is Fired

  1. Csss

    Who are you? I’ve been reading the bullshit you post for a while. I’m a life long Democrat and believe in the process of government. Clearly you do not. As Mrs. Obama said ‘we go high’…
    The Senators you mention are good people elected by their states not Maryland, not Montgomery County. I know Chris Coons peronsally and above all he is a good man and a true progressive, probably more so than I am and clearly more of a statesman than you. I am just happy people like you aren’t the rule to elected office just the exception.

    1. Jonathan Shurberg Post author

      Not courageous enough to put your name on your tough talk, hmmm?

      I express my opinions. Don’t like em, express yours and start a conversation. But leading with your chin like you do says you don’t want a conversation, you want a fight. It’s too bad, though, that you’d rather fight with fellow Dems than with the real enemy.

      Chris Coons is your friend? Great. That’s more important than the politics? You’re entitled to your opinion, but I’m not interested in your friendship, especially when your first instinct is to pick a fight.

      I hope you enjoy losing, because that’s where your stated brand of politics is going to get you. I prefer to fight for the things I believe in, and Chris Coons’ cowardice and lack of vision is not what I believe in.

      Have a great day.

  2. ksteve8

    Manchin and Heitkamp don’t surprise me. I wouldn’t support them for dogcatcher and hope they lose their seats in 2018. But I supported Coons in his first Senate race when he was no sure thing and expect more than stupidity from him now. Politics isn’t tiddlywinks. The Republicans don’t play by the Marquis of Queensbury rules and neither should the Democrats (if they care at all about winning). If Coons stands by this stupid statement, he will have gotten his last cent from me.


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