House Of Delegates Campaign Finance Reports

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So yesterday I did 47 Senate reports, and then I started getting requests for the House versions. “#$%#$ these people, man,” my inner grouch said. “That’s 141 reports, it’ll take all week.”

Actually, it took me about three hours this afternoon. Because I’m OCD and ADD, and because, as always, I live to serve.

Y’all are seriously welcome. If you must show your appreciation, liquor is always a good choice.

Just like yesterday, there are three spreadsheets. The first is a list of all delegates by district, with prior cash on hand, money raised in 2016, money spent, and new cash on hand.

The second spreadsheet is sorted by largest haul in 2016.

Finally, the last spreadsheet is sorted by cash on hand as of January 11, 2017.

You can look at the numbers yourselves, I’m really, really sick of them. One interesting thing to note: unless he spent it between the mayoral primary back in April and now, Nick Mosby walks into the House of Delegates with the 12th highest cash on hand (over $93K) of any delegate. That should be interesting.

As for what these numbers say about the future plans of certain delegates, a number of folks raised big money because they’re targeting other offices. Charlie Barkley is running for MoCo Council, Jeff Waldstreicher is rumored to be doing the same, Erek Barron is looking at a run for Prince George’s County State’s Attorney, and Marc Korman only recently bowed out of a rumored run for County Council District 1.

As for the rest, I’ll leave that to your fertile imaginations for now. We can come back to these numbers in the spring, when the game will be much further afoot than it is now.

Final note: three delegates didn’t file their reports yet: Kathleen Dumais (D15), Barbara Frush (D21), and Republican Kevin Hornberger (D35).

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