How Much Cash Does My State Senator Have?

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I think that’s a question we all want to know, don’t you? Well, whether you do or you don’t, you’re gonna find out, as I’ve just spent the past two hours compiling the whole list. You want a list by district, showing prior balance, amount raised, amount spent, and cash on hand? I got that. Also in that spreadsheet are averages and medians for all senators and by party.

You want it sorted by who raised the most money over the past year? I got that too.

Finally, you want to know who’s got the biggest stack heading into the 2017 session? Oh, yeah, I got you covered.

Highlights: Mike Miller has $713K cash on hand, more than a quarter million more than Bobby Zirkin, who’s in second place. Miller nearly tripled Zirkin’s 2016 haul, $563K to $195K.

Two highly ranked senators are both raising money to run for other offices, Jim Brochin for Baltimore County executive, and Anthony Muse for a similar position in Prince George’s.

16 of the 17 senators entering 2017 with more than $100,000 on hand are Democrats. Only J.B. Jennings at #13 breaks onto that list.

The average senator has $130K cash on hand and raised $68K. The median senator has $81K on hand and raised $44K. (Mike Miller and Bobby Zirkin skew this shit a lot.)

Average Dem: Raised $83K, has $165K on hand. Median: raised $64K, has $102K on hand.

Average Republican: Raised $36K, has $60K on hand. Median: Raised $27K, has $49K on hand. Nowhere near the level of skew that the Dems have at the top.

Comments, etc., welcome. If y’all really want a House of Delegates version of this spreadsheet, you gotta tell me how much you love me, because that’s going to be an all day project. So let me hear you say it. . . . .

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