Requiem, Elegy, Lament

-682Days -16Hours -58Minuts -6Seconds

I am consumed with the idea that in the not so distant future, we will look back on the day just finished as the last day things were ever “normal” in this grand experiment we call America. I very desperately hope to be wrong, but I fear that I am not. So I give you this post for you to use as you see fit.

Appropriate musical accompaniment.

Good night, and good luck to all of us.

One thought on “Requiem, Elegy, Lament

  1. Paul Bardack

    I remember President Kennedy’s reign as being called Camelot. It was absolutely inspiring for millions of young people, including me, and led me to a lifetime of political involvement. But, in retrospect, there were too few accomplishments during that Administration really to term it Camelot. Instead, as I think back to the Obama Presidency, and all it accomplished, and all it wanted to accomplish but failed because of hateful, fearful Republican opposition, I think that this … THIS … is the real Camelot for our nation. In four hours, Obama will no longer be President. I am so sad. I weep for myself. I weep for America.


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