Governor 2018: Fundraising Round 1 Goes To Hogan

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And another round like this one might just end the bout before it even gets started. You know, because you read all my posts (no, “some” is not acceptable), that Larry Hogan raised $3,923,807 in the past year and has $4.6 million cash on hand.

How huge is that number? Go back to 2013, take the annual reports of Doug Gansler, Anthony Brown, Ken Ulman, and Heather Mizeur. Add up the amounts raised in the prior year. Yes, all of them. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

OK, ready? The total raised by all four Democrats running for governor was $3,845,879. Larry Hogan has just outraised all four Democrats running for governor in 2014, COMBINED, by a total of $77,928.

So now, with that depressing idea in your head, you wanna guess how much Kevin Kamenetz and Rushern Baker raised this year?

You might wanna just go to bed instead.

OK, here we go. Rushern Baker started 2016 with $226,840. He raised $215,910, spent $192,603 and ended the period with $250,147. For those keeping score, that’s an 89% burn rate. This far out, that’s simply unsustainable. I am a big Rushern Baker fan, but there’s simply no way to spin this as anything other than bad. 

Kevin Kamenetz did better, but not by a whole lot. He started 2016 with $1,355,054 in the bank, raised $461,540, spent $197,408 (a 43% burn rate, still too high), and starts 2017 with $1,619,186 cash on hand.

So the two leading Dems raises $676K while Larry Hogan raised $3.9 million. The two Dems have $1.87 million COH, Hogan has $4.6 million. 2017 better be a whole hell of a lot better Year than 2016, or 2018 is gonna be a gigantic soul-sucking disaster for Democrats. Not to mention the redistricting process after the 2020 census, which will tear gigantic holes in the Democratic maps at both the legislative and congressional levels.

Hey Democrats! It’s time to wake up and realize that this state isn’t as blue as you think it is. Go out, get involved in a statewide campaign, see how the state really works, and fight like hell to keep it blue. Right now, it’s slipping away as we speak. I can think of 4.6 million reasons to be very, very concerned about 2018.

3 thoughts on “Governor 2018: Fundraising Round 1 Goes To Hogan

  1. scottesoftware

    Question…Why did you not mention Delaney? You know he is going to run this time…he has been setting this run up for a while now and has the ability to self-fund much of his campaign (he does that a lot).

    1. Jonathan Shurberg Post author

      Because the post was about fundraising and Delaney – for the reasons you note, among others – has done no state level fundraising. I mention him all the time. His problem isn’t money it’s polling – his has been abysmal.


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