EXCLUSIVE: One Stop Campaign Finance Report Shopping [UPDATED x3 WITH CURRENT SPREADSHEET @ 916 AM, 1/19]

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UPDATE 3: Four new reports: Ariana Kelly, Rich Madaleno, Will Smith, and Sheila Hixson all got in under the wire late last night. Kathleen Dumais and Al Carr still have not filed, at least according to the website. The spreadsheet (see below) now has fundraising data for 30 out of 32 senators and delegates.

UPDATE 2: Six new reports filed since first update, including the entirety of D14. Craig Zucker was kind enough to give me the heads up. Thanks, Craig! Other new reports are from Bill Frick and Ana Sol Gutierrez. The folks living on the wild side of the midnight deadline: Kathleen Dumais, Ariana Kelly, Rich Madaleno, Al Carr, Will Smith, and Sheila Hixson. I’ll post any updates I see when I get up in the morning.

UPDATE 1: Six new MoCo reports have been filed since the initial post, the most interesting one being Senator Roger Manno’s report, in which he reported raising $97K and having $219K on hand. Those are the biggest numbers we’ve seen yet. More to come.]

So today is the day that all state campaign finance entities need to file their annual reports for the period ending January 11. As of just a few minutes ago, 1420 of the 32 delegates and senators in Montgomery County have filed their reports. I’ve created a spreadsheet that lists each candidate, his or her prior cash on hand from 2016, money raised this year, money spent this year, and cash on hand moving forward into the critical year of 2017. As the 1812 remaining electeds file their reports (folks, a hint: if you send me your report, I’ll love you even more than I already do), I’ll post the updated spreadsheet.

For now, the thing to notice is who has raised some money. The presidential election year is usually not a big fundraising year – unless you’re thinking about running for another office. Funny thing: all of the delegates and senators who raised more than $40,000 last year are either running for another office or were rumored to be considering such a run.

While we haven’t discussed it much lately, Senator Brian Feldman has made no secret in the past of being interested in a run for Comptroller. He raised over $72K.

Delegate Marc Korman was, until recently, considering a run for County Council. He raised $48K.

Delegate Jeff Waldstreicher has denied being interested in a run for County Council to me, but everyone else seems to think he’s running. He raised $59K.

And Charlie Barkley announced before the beginning of session that he IS running for County Council. He raised the most of all, over $82K.

Let’s see what the remaining filings show. Money talks, people. You know the rest.

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