Senator John Astle Running For Annapolis Mayor

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It’s turning into one of those days, folks. Another long-time fixture in Annapolis, Senator John Astle, has announced his intention to run for mayor of Annapolis, a position he sought back in 1981, losing by 243 votes. He’s served in the legislature since 1985, since 1995 as the District 30 senator.

The Annapolis mayoral race grew on Tuesday with Maryland Sen. John Astle, D-Annapolis, confirming a run for mayor.

While Astle hasn’t filed for the race yet, he discussed his intentions Tuesday. He plans to file in a few weeks and continues to flesh out his election platform.
Astle has been in politics for decades, beginning his General Assembly career in 1983 as a delegate. He joined the senate in 1995 where he continues to serve.

He ran for Annapolis mayor in 1981 where he lost by 243 votes.
“I’ve lived in this community, and it is my home,” Astle said. “I want to bring my experience.”

What if he doesn’t win the mayoral race? Will he run for reelection? Doesn’t really sound like it.

Astle’s foray into the race also raises questions about his Senate seat. If he wins, he will have to give the seat up. If he doesn’t win, he could return to the seat and run for re-election in 2018.

“I’ll have to give that some thought,” he said.

With Astle likely out of the D30 Senate race in 2018, a Republican pickup opportunity is presented. Astle’s mayoral run also raises questions about House Speaker Mike Busch’s 2018 plans, as Busch is a delegate in the same district. The other two delegates are both Republicans. Would Astle make the mayoral run without checking with Mike Busch? I strongly doubt it. But as always, we will have to wait and see how all this plays out.

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