BREAKING: Sheila Hixson Stepping Down As Ways & Means Chair [UPDATE: Press Release: Kaiser To Chair Ways & Means, Bill Frick Promoted To Majority Leader] 

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UPDATE: Press release from Speaker Mike Busch announces Hixson resignation as chair, confirms Anne Kaiser as Hixson’s replacement and names Bill Frick new majority leader. Question: who gets Kaiser’s plum position as chair of Education subcommittee? Stay tuned.

[ORIGINAL POST FOLLOWS] Multiple sources are reporting that Delegate Sheila Hixson is stepping down as chair of the Ways & Means Committee, a post she has held since 1993. She is NOT, however, retiring as a delegate.

Bryan Sears of the Daily Record:

And here’s the Daily Record story that just came through on email. No replacement named by Sears but the word from my little birds is that it will be MoCo Delegate Anne Kaiser.

Hixson will assume the role of “chairman emeritus;” we will see how that gets defined and plays out for the rest of session.

Let’s take a moment to salute one of the longest serving chairmen in the House in modern history, over 23 years. Kudos to Sheila Hixson for a long and distinguished career, and good for her that she will continue to serve in the House going forward. 

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