Sunday Health Care Rally

-686Days -15Hours -42Minuts -30Seconds

Over 2,000 loud, raucous, passionate supporters of the ACA turned out on a Sunday afternoon in January to advocate for a continuation  signature Obama legislation. Yours truly got video of the whole thing (couldn’t do live because of the crappy wifi signal (in a college? C’mon man!). Then I got to spend four hours wrestling with the damn video, ending up having to break up an hour long video segment into 10 segments before YouTube would accept them. I }%]*}+{ hate technology when it won’t cooperate. Y’all can thank me later for being insanely stubborn.

Anyway, here’s about a dozen videos, neatly carved up (mostly) by speaker. I apologize that I didn’t get the names of the people giving their personal stories. If someone can get them to me, I’ll edit the video titles accordingly.

Overall, an emotional, passionate experience of seeing real grassroots activism in action. We have to keep it up, folks. Our opponents are determined to destroy the best of what we believe in, and if we’re going to save the ACA, it’s going to take a lot of work. A good start today, but much, much more to be done.

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