David Trone Polling For County Exec Race

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Confirming what has been widely believed for months now, former CD8 candidate David Trone is eyeing a run for County Executive in 2018. Adam Pagnucco has some of the details of the poll here.


David Trone
Roger Berliner
Mike Knapp
George Leventhal
Nancy Floreen
Marc Elrich
Rich Madaleno
Craig Rice
Ben Kramer

* * *

How seriously would you consider voting for (see above list)? Very – Not at all seriously.

ISSUES: Very concerned, etc.

Transportation, Roads and Traffic
Available affordable housing
Special interests in government

What kind of candidate would you prefer?

Take time to get people to work together for solutions / Someone who takes charge to get things done quickly.
Montgomery County needs to grow / Too much growth right now.
A candidate who accepts public financing / A candidate who funds his own campaign.
Career politician / Businessman new to politics.
Make some changes / Shake things up.

Three statements about David Trone: Very persuasive, somewhat persuasive…not at all persuasive.

Grew up on farm that went broke, Wharton, Total Wine.
Montgomery County potential wasted by insider politics and politicians interested in helping their friends.
In business, David Trone has focused on practical issues and solutions while politicians argue about politics.
Takes no money from corporations and would accept no donation of more than $500 per person.

While this is not definitive of Trone’s plans, it certainly says that he’s focused on this race right now. I’ll give him this much – he’s using a very inclusive list of candidates for his poll.

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