Progressive Neighbors Endorses Unger

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Progressive Neighbors has endorsed Darian Unger for delegate in D20. Here’s the text of the letter:

Progressive Neighbors is proud to endorse Darian Unger to fill the vacant District 20 delegate position. This decision was made after review by our membership, attendance by Steering Committee members at the candidate forums, and extensive discussion and approval by the Steering Committee.

We have had the pleasure of working with Darian who has served as chair of our organization for the past two years and as a member of our Steering Committee before that.

Darian has done a terrific job, working tirelessly to make Progressive Neighbors a more effective community group. We know from our work with Darian, that he has the ability both to serve as an excellent advocate, and to develop consensus among various, sometimes divergent, individuals and groups.

To cite just one example, Darian was the lead organizer for the very successful April public debate between the two Democratic candidates in the Maryland primary race for U.S. Senate attended by over 600 residents at the Silver Spring Civic Building. This involved coordinating – and negotiating – with the Van Hollen and Edwards campaigns, as well as working inclusively with the other community group sponsors. Without Darian’s initiative, unique consensus-building skills, and hard work, the debate would never have taken place or been such a huge success.

In addition to being a valuable chair of Progressive Neighbors, Darian is well-grounded in our community and has devoted a tremendous amount of his time, often without recognition, to making our community a better place.

Darian is just the type of committed, inventive representative we need as part of our District 20 team. He is a leader and activist, but just as importantly he is a team player, able to find common ground and craft consensus with people and groups with divergent viewpoints and backgrounds. We truly believe that Darian will be a progressive contributor in Annapolis and will represent District 20 well. We hope the Democratic Central Committee will submit Darian’s name for the vacant District 20 delegate position.

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