ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Baltimore City Delegate Nominee Indicted [UPDATED]

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[Update]: As if the story isn’t bad enough, it turns out Brown had already been appointed and was to be sworn in tomorrow. That ain’t happening. Sun update:

Brown was scheduled to be sworn in as state delegate Tuesday, but the swearing-in has been canceled, according to Alexandra Hughes, chief of staff to House Speaker Mike Busch.

Doug Mayer, a spokesman for Gov. Larry Hogan, said his administration has “rescinded” a letter appointing Brown to a delegate’s seat on the recommendation of the central committee.

“He will not be moving forward,” Mayer said.


As if last week’s news of criminal charges in Prince George’s County wasn’t enough excitement for the week before the legislative session starts on Wednesday, this morning brings even more startling and disturbing news: District 40 delegate nominee Gary Brown has been indicted on campaign finance charges involving allegedly straw contributions to the mayoral campaign of Brown’s former boss, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh.

Gary Brown Jr., a campaign aide to Mayor Catherine E. Pugh, has been indicted on charges that he violated election laws during her campaign.

Brown, who is currently nominated to become a state delegate, was indicted Friday by the Baltimore City Grand Jury, court documents show. The charges allege that between Jan. 13 and April 9, 2016, Brown deposited cash into the bank accounts of his mother, step-father and brother and then immediately contributed that money in the names of his mother, step-father and brother to the Pugh campaign.
The contributions totaled $18,000. The maximum amount an individual can give to a campaign under Maryland law is $6,000.
“Election laws are in place to maintain the integrity of the electoral process and foster transparency in the regulation of campaign contributions,” said State Prosecutor Emmet C. Davitt, who is bringing the case. “Illegal straw contributions in names other than one’s own to evade such laws cannot be tolerated.”

2017 is not off to an auspicious beginning for ethics in Maryland government. No words.

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