Two Endorsements For Jheanelle Wilkins

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This evening, both the Muslim Democratic Club and the Latino Democratic Club both endorsed Jheanelle Wilkins in her bid for the D20 appointment. 

Letter from the Muslim Democratic Club:

TO: Chair Dave Kunes, Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee

FROM: Joint Muslim Community Endorsement Panel, Muslim Democratic Club of Montgomery County

Dear Chair Kunes:

I am writing to you today to inform you of the Muslim Democratic Club of Montgomery County’s endorsement for the District 20 State Delegate vacancy. Upon extensive review of the credentials and experience of all the candidates who sought our support, we proudly endorse Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins.

* * *


We endorse Ms. Wilkins because of her commitment to progressive legislative priorities, her unimpeachable work ethic as a democratic activist, and her commitment to inclusion, diversity and minority voter enfranchisement. Like Senator Smith, whom she will be replacing, Ms. Wilkins is known for putting in hard work and a firm commitment to the values of the Democratic Party, and for that we commend her. Ms. Wilkins has also been duly elected by the voters as a member of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee, and her work both at the local and national level to educate and empower grassroots networks of voters speaks volumes about her caliber as future delegate. There can be no doubt that Ms. Wilkins will continue in the proud tradition of Congressman Jamie Raskin, and Senator William Colonel Smith Jr. in defending the dream of a free and pluralistic Maryland.

And from the Latino Democratic Club letter:

[W]e emphatically endorse Jheanelle Wilkins to be the next state Delegate from District 20.
The Board was impressed by her achievements thus far in her personal and professional life. Jheanelle advocates on behalf of marginalized peoples, including the Latino and immigrant communities, on the federal, state, and local levels in her professional capacity at the Leadership Conference for Civil and Human Rights. In addition to her professional work, her membership on the MCDCC has led her to advocate universal voter registration to ensure that all eligible Marylanders are readily able to vote. She has pushed for a livable wage at the County level and spoken on behalf of County renters, helping to pass legislation through the Council.

Like many District 20 residents, Jheanelle is an immigrant who, at the tender age of five, moved to the United States in search of a better life. She has worked diligently to better her lot and has given back to the community, ensuring that our fellow neighbors, particularly the most vulnerable, have a tireless champion.

We are confident that Jheanelle Wilkins will effectively represent the diverse residents of District 20, including those whose voices have historically been underrepresented, in the Maryland General Assembly.

A double shot boost less than 24 hours before the MCDCC meets to make the appointment.

One thought on “Two Endorsements For Jheanelle Wilkins

  1. Vali Asr Nomani

    A lot of African immigrant community members are upset that the Muslim Democratic Club supported Jheanelle Wilkins over Daniel Koroma. Koroma had gone as far as to try and put his supporters on the endorsement panel, and MCDCC Mumin Barre apparently tried pressuring the club as well.


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