Criminal Affidavits In PG Bribery Case

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I’ve obtained from a random source on the street the criminal affidavits in the two cases brought by the US attorney today. They’re here and here. In addition to the two unidentified elected officials expected to be charged, there are other prominent people caught up in this case. One elected official is a cooperating witness, a lobbyist is involved, and I suspect others as well.

Right now, there’s a huge parlor game of “Whodunit?” going on. I will not engage in public speculation about who’s involved, because unlike so much of what we do, this is no idle, random rumor. Someone, or more correctly, some ones, are going to lose their jobs and their careers here, and that’s no subject for idle gossip. When there are charges, I will report them. If someone publicly discusses their involvement, same thing.

That said, you readers are free to engage in whatever idle speculation you want. Go to it.

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