Delegate Jill Carter Resigns 

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In not exactly exquisite timing, Baltimore Delegate Jill Carter has resigned to take a position with new Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh. The 2017 legislative session starts in twelve days, so they’re gonna have to giddyup in District 41 to get someone in place before too much time passes.

Baltimore Del. Jill Carter is resigning from her seat in the Maryland House of Delegates and taking a job in Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh’s administration.

Carter, a Democrat, sent a letter last week to House Speaker Michael Busch announcing plans to resign, effective early next week. On Friday, Pugh announced Carter will be the director of the Baltimore Office of Civil rights and Wage Enforcement. She starts Tuesday.
Carter has served in the House for 14 years. She has represented District 41 and served on the House Judiciary Committee.

How did a letter like that stay under my sophisticated radar for an entire week? There’s some moles and rats in the Annapolis tunnels who need to step up their game. Y’all know who you are – consider yourselves warned!

The Sun, which got bested on this story by the AP, adds an interesting point:

The resignation leaves a vacancy in the 41st District, where politics have been complicated recently by the illness of Democratic Sen. Lisa A. Gladden, who has multiple sclerosis.

Gladden missed the second half of this year’s session and her ability to return to Annapolis for the session that starts Jan. 11 is questionable. In recent weeks, she has not returned calls or emails seeking information on her condition or her plans.

So D41 could be looking at a Senate appointment and two delegate appointments in the immediate future, if a delegate gets appointed to the Senate vacancy if it occurs. The two remaining delegates are Sandy Rosenberg and Nat Oaks.

Interesting times in Baltimore City.

5 thoughts on “Delegate Jill Carter Resigns 

  1. ksteve8

    There are already two delegate vacancies in Baltimore City that are in the process of being filled. Mayor Pugh’s election opened up the Senate seat in LD40 that was filled by former Delegate Barbara Robinson (thus creating a delegate vacancy there). Then Delegate Pete Hammen of LD46 resigned to sign on as a Pugh helper. Now Carter of LD41 is following in Hammen’s footsteps. So that puts the Democrats down three (from their former 91 delegates). Senator Gladden’s unfortunate health situations puts them down one (from 33) there. I’m reminded of the untimely resignation of Karen Montgomery last year and how that led to repeated delays before Democrats had enough troops in place to override Hogan’s veto of the voter registration bill for released felons. With veto override votes required as the first item of business, we’ll see if something similar occurs in 2017.

    1. Jonathan Shurberg Post author

      And the D20 appointment will be on January 9. Not sure when the D40 delegate replacement for Barbara Robinson will be happening.

  2. Rhonda Wimbish

    The secret meetings happening in the 41st Legislative District is an ethics violation. They have known that Jill Carter was stepping down for months and have hidden Senator Lisa Gladden’s illness. Senator Gladden hasn’t been able to perform her commitment to the constituents in the 41st district in years. Are we going to have another Hattie Harrison (RIP) that was wheeled in the State House sleep while others were making decisions for her? Gladden needs to get well and that can’t be done with her pretending she’s capable.


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