We’ve Elected A Petulant, Moody Teenage Boy With Rage Issues

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Any parent – or anyone young enough to remember middle school – knows how it goes. Your child doesn’t get invited to the party that the so-called cool kids are having, or even worse, your kid throws a party and nobody comes.

It happens. The best thing you can do is help your child – or yourself – to get through it with some dignity and self-respect intact.

Donald Trump is having a sad because he can’t get anyone to come to his party. Right now it’s the Beach Boys (maybe) and the Rockettes (involuntarily). But he’s coming up more than a little short on the dignity/self-respect front.

Poor Donald. The incoming President of the United States needs some parental supervision, stat. And a hug. A glass of milk and a cookie wouldn’t hurt, either. Also, somebody go lock up the guns, wouldja please?

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