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A local bill sponsored by Delegates Ariana Kelly and Marice Morales would require that MCPS include the concept of affirmative consent in MCPS sex ed classes. The bill was heard before the county delegation on December 7, and the star witness was Maeve Sanford-Kelly, Ariana Kelly’s daughter and a seventh grade student at North Bethesda Middle School. Her testimony runs from 13:10 to around 15:55 of this video, which I wish I could embed but Montgomery County apparently doesn’t believe in putting its videos on YouTube or some other embeddable format.

As someone who has testified more than a few times before legislative hearings and has listened to countless hundreds of other people testifying, Maeve’s testimony was more interesting, more informative, and better presented than the vast majority of allegedly professional presentations before legislative bodies in both Annapolis and Rockville. Major props for that. It doesn’t hurt at all that the subject of her testimony is a bill that clearly should become law.

The bill has also earned coverage from Bethesda Magazine and Fox5 News. Here’s the video of the news story. Let’s see how this bill progresses – who’s gonna have the nerve to vote against Maeve?

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