Kunes Elected MCDCC Chair, Raskin Pledges To Match $5K In Donations

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Last night, Dave Kunes was elected chair of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee on a 23-3 vote. While that sounds boring, the meeting was anything but. Just ask Lou Peck, who was there or watch my videos, which can be found here and here

I’ll keep my editorial comments to myself, but suffice it to say that I am very pleased with the outcome, if not the tortuous process through which all concerned had to suffer in order to get there. And two members of the originally planned executive board will have to wait a couple of months before taking their positions. That sucks, too, but it will get fixed.

I can also say that there are many people, activists and elected officials alike, who are equally pleased. How do I know this? Well, here’s an example. Congressman-elect Jamie Raskin has already, less than 24 hours after the election, pledged to match $5,000 in contributions to the MCDCC.

This week, the Montgomery County Democratic Party elected a new Executive Committee to lead the fight against the radical agenda being prepared by the incoming Trump administration. We’re now fundraising to hire an organizer who will help support our activist leaders, reach out to new voters, and provide the support we need to strengthen the Democratic Party. Congressman Jamie Raskin understands the urgency of the situation, and has committed to matching the first $5,000 in contributions to DOUBLE your impact locally. 

Please support the Montgomery County Democratic Party below and double your contribution.

So if you’re for doing something to strengthen our local party in Maryland’s largest county and start fighting back against Donald Trump and Larry Hogan, and making our county, state, and country what it could and should be, make a contribution now.

No, not later, now. Go on, click the link and do it. You know you’ll feel better when you do.

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