Sorry, There’s No More Room Under The Rug

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Sam Wang, the new heartthrob data nerd from Princeton, has crunched the numbers on the impact of domestic ratfucker James Comey (let’s stand him right next to Mitch McConnell for the firing squad, shall we?).  and his antics.

Opinion swung toward Trump by 4 percentage points, and about half of this was a lasting change. This was larger than the victory margin in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Wisconsin. Many factors went into this year’s Presidental race, but on the home stretch, Comey’s letter appears to have been a critical factor in the home stretch.

Kevin Drum at Mother Jones has the clear conclusion.

Without Comey’s letter, Clinton likely would have won the popular vote by four points and the Electoral College by 300 votes or more. Who knows about the Senate? Maybe Democrats would have won that too. Eliminate the Russian ratfucking and Clinton would have won in a landslide. Instead, a game show host is about to be sworn in as president of the United States and everyone is convinced that the Democratic Party is practically on its last legs.

This. Is. Not. Normal.

Will anyone in the national media write this story? Nope. They won’t. Why not? Because avoiding unpleasant realities is a national pastime with our media and national political institutions. Read this story and if you’re not both totally depressed and angry beyond words in equal measure, you’re not getting it.

We’ve swept too much under the rug over the past generation, all in the hopes of avoiding “another Watergate.” Iran-Contra,  the Clinton impeachment, the 2000 election, the Iraq war scam, the 2008 economic meltdown, the complete rejection of Barack Obama’s presidency, and now this calamity. Every time we were confronted with threats to the entire system of government, we were told to look away, to “move on,” to not seek to punish or to blame or to hold anyone accountable, because that would be bad.

You know who the beneficiaries of all this timidity and weakness have been? The same kinds of right wing ratfuckers who perpetrated Watergate! And each and every one of these atrocities in turn simply emboldened the ratfuckers and now here we are – a real, honest to God threat to our government, our system, our nation, our world, our very lives.

I’m through looking away. We either stand up right the fuck now or next thing you know, all our fun and games of local and state politics aren’t going to matter anymore, because pretty soon they’re not going to exist. Fight or die, people. That’s where we are.

Big Charlie Pierce finish:

There is something profound in the moment through which we presently are living. We are a month away from inaugurating a manifestly unqualified and ethically unfit man as president of the United States, a man who has lost the popular vote by nearly three million votes, who already is reneging on almost every promise he made while campaigning, who steadfastly refuses to be transparent about who holds the note on his finances and who is on his way to raising conflicts of interest to stratospheric levels, and who now may very well be the willing bobo for a foreign dictator.

The situation is the most stark challenge to a free people that has arisen in my lifetime. We have political and democratic muscles that have atrophied from disuse that now have to be called upon immediately to rescue the republic no matter how many people find that to be too rowdy and inconvenient for their refined political tempers. We have institutional safeguards that have rusted from neglect, but which still work if we’re strong enough to turn the handles. We are in the deep, dark woods now. We all are, in a very real sense, survivalists.

What we do – or don’t do – right now will reverberate for generations to come. Looking away and sweeping yet another right wing atrocity under the rug is not a morally acceptable answer.

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