Maryland Scramble Endorsement: Kunes For MCDCC Chair

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Tuesday night, in the bowels of a cramped, ugly, dark office building in Kensington, a very important election will take place. It won’t get the notoriety or media attention of a congressional primary, or even a legislative appointment, but in the end, I believe that the consequences of this election may be more significant than the higher profile stuff.

The Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee is the official organization representing the interests of almost 400,000 county Democratic voters in a county of over a million people living in 257 election precincts. 24 members are elected every four years in the gubernatorial primary election, two members from each of the county’s eight legislative districts plus eight at large members. As necessary in light of imbalances that may exist in the membership of the committee, additional members are elected to keep the total membership of the committee balanced between men and women (hence, the term “gender balance members”).

From the bylaws of the committee:

The purpose of the Committee shall be to act as thegoverning body of the Democratic Party in Montgomery County, Maryland. This committee shall have full power and authority to act in respect to all matters pertaining to the organization, maintenance, conduct, affairs and interests of the Democratic Party in Montgomery County, Maryland. It shall be the responsibility of this organization to promote, establish and conduct political campaigns in Montgomery County, Maryland for the nominees of the Democratic Party and to act as the official spokesman for the Democratic Party in this County on all questions of public policy.  

Every two years, the committee holds leadership elections to select a chair to run the organization. Following the 2014 primary, in which a host of new members were elected, Kevin Walling became the chair, a position which only lasted around six months before Darrell Anderson, the current chair, was selected.

Without getting too deep in the woods, things haven’t gone very well for the committee recently and it has become difficult for it to carry out many of its most important functions. Tuesday night, a leadership election is being held, and my good friend Dave Kunes is heading up a slate of superbly qualified members of the committee on the only announced slate currently running. I’ll let his Facebook post tell the story.

I support Dave and his slate enthusiastically and without reservation. In this time of unprecedented threats in the world, both without and, shockingly, within the country, we need strong and effective leadership at all levels of our political structures that are prepared to protect our interests and our values as Democrats, and even more importantly, as Americans.

I’ll be at the meeting in Kensington on Tuesday night to memorialize and publicize the festivities, and here’s hoping that in this election at least, the good guys win.

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