D20: Firefighters/Police For Smith

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The firefighters and police unions have endorsed Will Smith for the D20 Senate vacancy. Here’s their Monday letter to the Central Committee.

Tonight’s the big night! I’ll be manning the Maryland Scramble Decision Desk throughout the evening, as the returns come in from the outlying precincts.

In a few minutes, I’ll be posting the formal applications submitted by David Moon and Will Smith, the leading candidates for the appointment. 

Later this afternoon, I’ll have a final assessment of the whip count of what is shaping up as a ridiculously close contest.
Plus, another letter from CASA In Action has rolled in, so we’ll be getting to that, as well any other late breaking news that comes my way.

Don’t touch that dial! You’ll want to stay right here all day for the scintillating in depth coverage and snarky commentary you’ve come to expect from me.

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