Muslim Democratic Club D20 Follow Up Letter

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This one is a little curious, so bear with me. We know from last week that the Muslim Democratic Club endorsed Will Smith in the D20 Senate appointment race. Subsequently, there was some noise that David Moon was unhappy with this decision, and wasn’t being shy about saying so. Not worth mentioning, at the time.

But now a SECOND Muslim Democratic Club letter appeared in my inbox, which is essentially a defense of the process used to make the endorsement. So someone thought it was necessary to write this down and circulate it. I make no representations about what prompted the letter but its very existence is newsworthy. Take it as you will (pun intended, yuk yuk).

Gettin’ hot in here. Less than 30 hours to go.

One thought on “Muslim Democratic Club D20 Follow Up Letter

  1. N. Chaudhry

    I was a member of the endorsement panel that the Muslim Democratic Club put together. It was pretty fair. We had wanted Jamie Raskin to weigh in because he’s a hero to the Muslim community, but as far as we know, he didn’t endorse anyone.


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