Craig Rice Endorses Will Smith In D20

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Councilmember Craig Rice has endorsed Will Smith’s bid for the D20 Senate appointment. From Smith’s Facebook post this afternoon:

Dear Democratic Central Committee: 

I am writing to express my support for Delegate Will Smith to fill the vacant District 20 senate seat. I have known Delegate Smith for over a decade and have come to know his work and his commitment to public service. Before winning election to the County Council I represented Montgomery County in the General Assembly and know what it takes to succeed in Annapolis. Delegate Smith has proven himself to be one of the most effective legislators in Annapolis and that is why we need him in the state senate. During his tenure in Annapolis, Delegate Smith has played a leading role on issues like criminal justice reform and has been a much needed voice, especially now, on issues like social justice and empowerment.   
Will has also shown an ability to successfully push progressive policies by building the necessary relationships across the state and throughout the leadership chain. As a result, he is effective in a way few other freshman legislator has shown themselves to be. These are essential qualities that will enable him to represent our county well in the state senate. Will’s approach will also ensure that District 20 has a seat at the table when our state lawmakers craft critical legislation.   
Finally, I’d like to attest to the importance of constituent services. An effective representative must not only successfully craft and pass legislation they must also be responsive to constituent needs and demonstrate an ability to deliver on their behalf. District 20 is home to one of Maryland’s most engaged constituencies. It is also one of the most ethnically, racially and economically diverse legislative districts in the state. Residents of the district demand strong, progressive leadership and responsive constituent service. As his constituents have attested to in their many letters of support, Will has delivered on constituent services, an all-important aspect of the job of a state senator.   
 It is my pleasure to endorse Will Smith to the fill the recently vacated senate seat in District 20. Delegate Smith is immensely qualified and represents a point of view never before represented in the state senate from Montgomery County. I hope you take his considerable qualifications and accomplishments into consideration when you vote on December 7th and vote for Will Smith.  

Craig L. Rice Montgomery County Councilmember, District 2

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