WAIT, WHAT? – Ulysses Currie Withdraws Resignation Letter

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The Daily Record has the story of a remarkable about face by LD25 Senator Ulysses Currie. Currie resigned in early November, but the effective date of the resignation was not until later this week, December 1. So today, Currie dropped a bombshell:

Sen. Ulysses Currie, in a letter Tuesday to Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller Jr., rescinded his resignation from the Maryland Senate.

The Nov. 29 letter, obtained by The Daily Record moments after a brief interview with Currie, cites growing dissatisfaction over a process to name his wife as his successor — a process Currie said was becoming unduly political.

“Since my announcement, it has been nothing but petty political jockeying and deal-making, with only the 2018 election in mind,” Currie writes. “This has created a level of divisiveness and discord I have rarely seen in Prince Georges County and which I cannot allow to continue.”

Maryland Scramble has received a copy of the utterly jaw-dropping letter from Senator Currie to Senate President Mike Miller. Here y’all go.

In essence, Senator Currie is angry that the various aspirants to his seat were not willing to stand down so that his wife could finish out his term. So he’s back.

Wow. In general, once a resignation is accepted it can’t legally be withdrawn. But because the effective date of the resignation hadn’t happened yet, I’d say that Currie most likely still had the legal right to withdraw it.

You can’t make this shit up, folks. Maryland is such a fascinating place. 

One thought on “WAIT, WHAT? – Ulysses Currie Withdraws Resignation Letter

  1. Jamila J Woods-Jones

    This is very concerning. The vague and unspecific accusations identified as the reason for rescinding a resignation, for a job that one is no longer physically and/or mentally able to do, are extremely troubling.


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