One Day Late Day 1439 (Bring It On)

-686Days -9Hours -54Minuts -49Seconds

Another Slaid Cleaves song, I heard this one today on Pandora, and like “Beautiful Thing” from Day 1447, it’s a heartrending mix of the cynical and yet ultimately hopeful. This one is less overtly political and more personal, defiant in its optimism and belief that things will work out yet.

I know we don’t deserve to be going down this way
pushed around and bound to troubled days
and every time we stand up, dust each other off
I know we may be losin’ but we ain’t lost

bring it on, bring it on
I’ve seen the rain tumblin’ down
I’ve felt the cold wind blow, i’ve seen trouble hanging around
bring it on, bring it on

bring it on, bring it on
I’ve seen it all by now
my pride is gone, but i’m still here somehow
bring it on, bring it on

Once I dreamed of riches, of happiness untold
now hopes lie scattered, trash along a lonesome road
but I don’t ask for mercy, it just don’t work that way
today i’m down but hope will rise another day

“Hope will rise another day.” Here’s to that.

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