McIntosh To Run Statewide?

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The Daily Record reports that Baltimore City Delegate Maggie McIntosh, chair of the House Appropriations Committee, is contemplating a run for statewide office.

Del. Maggie McIntosh is thinking a lot about her political future these days.

McIntosh, D-Baltimore City and the chair of the Appropriations Committee, said Thursday that she is taking a hard look over the next few months at potential campaigns for governor, comptroller or returning to the House to continue in her leadership position.

“I am simply telling you that I am putting together a group and look at whether I would be interested in running a statewide campaign or simply or continuing in my role in House leadership.”

McIntosh, 68, said she began seriously considering other options outside a simple run for re-election following Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign defeat.

“We don’t have a woman in Congress and we’ve never had a woman governor or presiding officer,”said McIntosh, a veteran of the House for 24 years. “After last week, a lot of people started looking at ways we could promote women in leadership in our party. The election last week made me and others ask ‘What more can I be doing? What more can I do to promote the values and ideals that our state holds.’”

Her consideration of a run for comptroller further highlights the dissatisfaction some in the Democratic party have with incumbent Peter Franchot, who is frequently seen as being too close to Republican Gov. Larry Hogan — which some call a “bromance.”

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“(Franchot) ran against William Donald Schaefer because he thought Schaefer had become to close to Ehrlich,” McIntosh said, referring to the relationship between the late comptroller and Republican Gov. Robert Ehrlich. “He has become that which he stood up to run against.”

This appears to be a serious thing – McIntosh posted a mocked up bumper sticker for a statewide race on Facebook last night.

Pass the popcorn. This movie is getting good.

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