For What It’s Worth (Day 1449)

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Yesterday’s runner up, the Buffalo Springfield song is a classic of the protest genre, appropriate for a day of more student protests in both DC and Maryland. “Young people speakin’ their minds,” indeed.

h/t to Matt Losak of the Renters Alliance for simultaneously thinking of this great anthem.

#NotMyPresident #1449DaysUntilWeVoteHimOut #AsLongAsItTakes

2 thoughts on “For What It’s Worth (Day 1449)

  1. L Jeannette O'Bannon Feldner

    I used to be among the “young people speaking their minds” and now I’m an old person speaking my mind! I will not like this President for as long as he is President. Cannot imagine him doing anything I will approve of. There will be protesting!

  2. Bill Bronrott

    From Rolling Stone, November 11, 2016
    Fifty years ago this Saturday, Stephen Stills, then in Buffalo Springfield, was on his way into Hollywood to hear live music on the Sunset Strip. But in one of those defining rock & roll moments, what he encountered was a rally: hundreds, if not thousands, of kids protesting a new curfew and the imminent closing of one club, Pandora’s Box, by way of a fake “funeral” for it.
    “The commercial merchants on Sunset Boulevard in a certain area decided that the element of young people on the street every night was not conducive to commercial enterprise,” Stills said in a 1971 interview. “A bunch of kids got together on a street corner and said we aren’t moving. About three busloads of Los Angeles police showed up, who looked very much like storm troopers. … And I looked at it and said, ‘Jesus, America is in great danger.'”

    Within weeks, Stills had written – and Buffalo Springfield had recorded – a song inspired by that night, “For What It’s Worth.”


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