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After a week of worse political trauma than I could imagine, it was so uplifting and heartening today to see hundreds of MoCo high school students take to the streets to protest the vulgar talking yam. First from Blair High School up University Boulevard to Wheaton, then later from Wheaton Plaza down to Silver Spring, the students came in waves to speak their minds and have their voices heard.

I was fortunate to get the chance to shoot some video, first in Wheaton and later at the Silver Spring Civic Center. Black, brown, white, yellow, gay, straight, queer, you name it, they were out there. What did it look like? It looked like Montgomery County in all its diversity and left wing glory. Even the parents who came down to the Civic Center didn’t come to yell at their kids, but to hug them, embrace them, thank them for standing up and if snitching, make the parents feel better.

You want to know what democracy looks like? A bunch of eager, excited kids from Einstein High on the plaza in Silver Spring, speaking their minds and feeling really good about it.

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