#NotMyPresident Comes to Silver Spring

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Several hundred Blair High School students walked out of class today in protest of Donald Trump’s policies. They were soon joined by students from at least four other schools in the area. They marched across University Boulevard to Wheaton Plaza, where a crowd of over 1,000 gathered outside of JC Penney. I was able to get over there and shoot this video.

Now the throngs are headed for downtown Silver Spring, and based on my ace driving skills, I got here before they did. Hopefully, I’ll have some more video soon on Facebook Live.

It’s great to see our young people standing up for what they believe in. The crowds were loud, enthusiastic and passionate, but orderly and well behaved.

Police have acted appropriately as well, only seeking to close off traffic to protect the marchers as they move through busy streets. Kudos to the MCPD for their actions so far.

Democracy in action is a great thing.

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