Uprising (Day 1451)

-684Days -17Hours -39Minuts -55Seconds

Yesterday on Facebook, I posted this:

We have to start somewhere, folks. Even the most symbolic of things can matter, and from little acorns mighty oaks do grow. I believe that. I have to believe that. We have too much at stake not to believe that.

So this is my pledge, just for starters and so we can constantly remember what matters. I’m going to count down every single one of those 1451 days, every day, until this waking nightmare ends. And I will not use those two words together, ever.

Day 2 musical accompaniment to what will from here on out be a daily post:

I’m taking suggestions for future song choices. Four years is a long time, and we’ll need a LOT of videos.

#1451DaysUntilWeVoteHimOut #AsLongAsItTakes #NotMyPresident

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