Florida’s Vote Totals Don’t Make Sense

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As of 5:30 or so, Votecastr projected that a total of 9,603,576 votes had been cast for either Trump or Clinton. Clinton had a 315,000 vote lead in the projection.

In the actual vote reported by CNN, the total number of votes between Clinton and Trump is 9,027,163. There’s no discernible bump in the third party votes.

Where did 576,413 votes go? It’s one thing to say the projections are wrong, but how could Votecastr have so many extra votes? And that’s not even taking into account the fact that Votecastr stopped tallying around 5:00 or so. So the “missing votes” are almost assuredly higher.

It gets weirder. Despite there being over a half million Florida votes that seem to have disappeared, Trump only dropped by a little over 57,000 votes from the Votecastr projection to the actual, while Clinton’s actual dropped by 502,531, almost 10 times more.

Something smells like shit here. More in the morning.

One thought on “Florida’s Vote Totals Don’t Make Sense

  1. scottesoftware

    For the record…this was my tweet at 6:19pm yesterday: “@MDScramble What will be interesting is to see how close to reality those numbers actually are. If they are off, will never be trusted again”….guess we know what to think about Votecastr going forward.


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