Votecastr Report #2: 12:30

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Not a lot of updates to report. Florida has new numbers, Clinton now up by around 187,000 votes out of 5.1 million. All else unchanged.

Let’s look at percentages:

In Colorado, Clinton leads  46.3-43.7(2.6%), with 59.8% of the expected votes accounted for.

In Florida, it’s Clinton leading 48.6-45.2 (3.4%), with 52.4% of expected turnout.

In Iowa, Clinton leads 48.3-43.3 (5.0%), with 33.3 of expected turnout.

In Nevada, Clinton leads 46.7-45.2 (1.5%), with 46.2% of expected turnout.

New Hampshire has no reported data yet.

In Ohio, Clinton leads 47.9-43.9 (4.0%), with 22.7% of expected turnout.

In Pennsylvania, Trump leads 49.9-42.9 (7.0%), but with only 3.4% of expected turnout (PA has limited early  voting)

In Wisconsin, Clinton leads 52.7-40.3 (12.4%), with 17.3% of expected turnout

So far, so good. Colorado is a little closer than I’d like, as is Nevada, but better up than down. As more data comes in, I’ll have more updates.

One thought on “Votecastr Report #2: 12:30

  1. Sam

    Are these counted views or just guesses based on party affiliations?

    If there are registered Republicans that vote for Hillary, would that show up in here?


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