Votecastr @ 7:35: Soundcheck For The Fat Lady

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Another wave of numbers has sparked a heated debate at the Maryland Scramble Decision Desk. In a display of total willpower I’m going to overrule the “go for it” brigade for one more Florida update. But if you’re so inclined, grabbing that bottle of champagne and getting ready is not a bad idea.


Clinton 4,954,384 (51.7%)

Trump 4,636,729 (48.3%)

Trump is running out of time and voters. He’ll make some up on the Panhandle (where voting doesn’t end until 8) but I can’t see 318,000 votes or anything remotely close.


Clinton 659,498 (50.5%)

Trump 645,935 (49.5%)

She may hold on here for an upset win.


Clinton 504,108 (50.4%)

Trump 496,633 (49.6%)

New Hampshire

Clinton 311,833 (51.9%)

Trump 289,125 (48.1%)

Another food fight. Close to a call. Not quite there yet.


Clinton 2,534,965 (50.2%)

Trump 2,516,534 (49.8%)

Another cliffhanger. Would be nice to be wrong and gild the lily here.


Clinton 2,557,627 (51.6%)

Trump 2,401,513 (48.4%)

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