NEW VOTECASTR UPDATES: Clinton Continues To Lead All 7 Swing States

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First updates since around 3:00, here we go:


Clinton 4,722,116 (51.7%)

Trump 4,418,096 (48.3%)

Getting close to callin’ in the fat lady here.


Clinton 614,338 (50.6%)

Trump 599,045 (49.4%)

Hanging on. This would be an upset.


Clinton 473,173 (50.4%)

Trump 465,706 (49.6%)

This may end up the closest race around. May not bode well for the Senate race?

New Hampshire

Clinton 278,762 (51.9%)

Trump 258,602 (48.1%)
On the verge of calling it. The MSDD is approaching this one with caution.


Clinton 2,353,356 (50.2%)

Trump 2,331,728 (49.8%)

This may yet flip, but a fine showing in a state a lot of people wrote off last week.


Clinton 2,310,013 (51.6%)

Trump 2,170,963 (48.4%)
Proceeding as predicted. Marylanders get a pat on the back for this one.


Clinton 1,242,938 (55.9%)

Trump 1,079,266 (44.1%)
I saw where the trends were going end got out front of this one. I was right. Wheeeeee!

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