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We’ll have rolling results right here as the polls close and races are called.

Kentucky and Indiana just called for Trump. Trump gets 8 EVs in Kentucky and 11 in Indiana. 0-19. 7:04 p.m.

7:05 p.m. Vermont for Clinton. We’re on the board! 3-19.

7:50 p.m.: South Carolina has been called for Donald Trump. Nobody expected any different but it was a little odd it took almost an hour to make a call there.

7:56: Some interesting numbers coming from Ohio. Clinton is performing right on pace with Obama in Mahoning County (Youngstown), getting just under 60 percent of the vote. Trumbull County on the other hand, Trump is currently at 44 percent in the early going. Obama also got 60 percent of the vote here.

Trump is also, as expected, underperforming Mitt Romney in Warren County. A Cincinnati suburb that is very wealthy and republican. Mitt Romney won it by 40 percent four years ago, but Trump only leads by 27 percent. Keep an eye on these counties.

8:00. A slew of polls have closed and we have our first pickup of the night as Tammy Duckworth has unseated Sen. Mark Kirk. Democrats need to pick up three more seats to gain control of the majority, assuming Clinton wins.

8:08 p.m.: Marco Rubio is projected to win reelection in the state of Florida. Democrats threw away a winnable race here.

8:12: p.m.: A few calls to make that we all knew would happen: Clinton wins in Connecticut, DC, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois and Maryland. Trump wins in Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

8:20 p.m.: Some potential big news out of Missouri. Keep in mind these are just exit polls  so take them with a grain of salt, but CNN exit polls have Jason Kander ahead of incumbent Sen. Roy Blunt. We’ll see what happens but this would be a huge pick up for Democrats. And a pick up I predicted to boot.

8:37 p.m.: Senate update from Indiana. Evan Bayh loses his Senate race in Indiana. Another prime pickup opportunity wasted.

8:46 p.m.: This is from the guy who ran Obama’s Florida operation. In other words, Florida is Florida-ing.


9:25 p.m.: The Detroit Free Press has called the state for Clinton. Though there are reports to the contrary.

Clinton trails in Virginia, but there is likey to me enough votes in NOVA to carry her over. Things are looking hairy in Florida but we’ll have to see how the rest of Broward County comes in. Trump leads in Ohio, Pennsylvania is too close to call, as is Colorado and Wisconsin.

This is looking shaky right now.

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