Things Ain’t Goin’ Real Good For The GOP

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Just saw a cheerful Politico update flash across my screen a few moments ago. More signs of the looming GOP apocalypse (the headline flatly states that Republicans are “panicking”): 

Republicans, on the verge of losing the Senate, are plowing a mammoth $25 million into seven races in a last-ditch attempt to stop Donald Trump from dragging the entire GOP down with him.

The investment from Senate Leadership Fund, a powerful super PAC with ties to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, comes as Democrats shift resources from Hillary Clinton’s now almost certain victory to down-ballot contests in hopes of delivering her a congressional majority.

In an interview on Tuesday afternoon, Steven Law, Senate Leadership Fund’s president and a close McConnell ally, acknowledged Republicans have a tough road to keep their majority – and said the spending push was designed to close a growing funding deficit. In numerous Senate battles, Democrats are outspending Republicans by millions of dollars.

“Over the last two weeks, we’ve seen every liberal Democratic group descend on these races,” Law said. “Democrats feel like the presidential race is in the bag for them and are looking for fresh game in the Senate.”

With just two weeks to go until Election Day, the Democratic cash advantage, Law said, was starting to have an effect, hurting Republican prospects across the board. He said the $25 million expenditure would narrow the GOP deficit, but wouldn’t erase it. He also said he expected to make additional investments in the days to come, but declined to provide further details.

It’s not easy to find effective ways to spend that kind of money in less than three weeks. TV ad time may be sold out, and if available, will be at high prices. Gearing up new GOTV operations isn’t easily done in such a short time. So they may spend it all, but they won’t spend it very well. Also, panicking. I love election season.

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