Charlie Pierce Strikes Again, Part The Infinity

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The man who coined the now-indispensable phrase “vulgar talking yam” has now struck again, with an even more inspired and hilarious shot at Trump running mate Mike Pence and religious conservatives generally. In an article Friday noting that Indiana has undertaken a now-familiar tactic of attempting to criminalize the act of registering voters, Pierce penned the following introduction:

Something’s hinky among the Hoosiers. I wonder if the governor of Indiana has any clue what’s going on here. Anybody seen the governor of Indiana? Oh, that’s right. He’s out there bringing the Epistle of St. Donald To The Gropeinthians to his co-religionists. . . .

If there’s a better shorthand for the bizarre relationship between evangelical Christians and Donald Trump than “Epistle of St. Donald To The Gropeinthians,” I’d be shocked. I have spent the day repeating the phrase, to my endless entertainment and amusement.

As always, Charlie Pierce is my freakin’ hero.

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