Cookies And Milk

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Want something fun to read on a Friday night?  I suggest this gooey chocolate chip cookie of a Chris Cillizza story in the Post.

Over the past 72 hours, polls have come out in Alaska, Texas and Utah that show Trump narrowly ahead of Hillary Clinton. That comes on top of data that suggests Republican-friendly states likes Arizona and Georgia are already a jump ball between Clinton and Trump.

That’s absolutely remarkable when you consider the historic trends in those states. The last time a Democrat won Alaska was 1964, when Lyndon Johnson carried it over Barry Goldwater. Texas hasn’t voted for a Democrat for president since Jimmy Carter eked out the state in 1976. In Utah, like Alaska, LBJ is the last Democrat to win.

* * *

In the wake of the revelations over the past seven days about his deeply inappropriate and lewd comments about women and a series of allegations that he groped women, Trump has adopted a me-against-the-world approach. He has attacked House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and virtually everyone else in the Republican Party who has expressed doubts about his candidacy. He is currently in the midst of embracing the idea that there is a global conspiracy to keep him from the White House. And, with each passing day, more stories about alleged crude behavior toward women come to light.

That strategy is hardening his support among the people who are already for him — and pushing pretty much everyone else away. The problem for Trump is that the group of people who support him is not now and never has been large enough to get him anywhere close to the 270 electoral votes he needs. The problem for the Republican Party is that a depressed GOP turnout caused by a chunk of voters simply not being able to back a candidate like Trump could spell electoral disaster in places that no one thought would even be competitive six months ago.

As of today, Republicans are not looking at a winnable race at the top of the ticket. They are looking at a salvage mission aimed at limiting the damage Trump’s collapse will do to both their downballot prospects and their future standing in many of the states around the country.

Maybe a nice glass of milk to go with that cookie?

Republican insiders are rapidly losing confidence in Donald Trump’s ability to win their states.

After a nightmarish, seven-day stretch that began with the release of a tape of the now-GOP presidential nominee making sexually aggressive remarks, just 27 percent of GOP swing-state insiders say Trump would win their states if the election were held today. That’s down from the roughly half of Republican insiders who said Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton in their states over the past six weeks.
* * *

“It’s a bloody train wreck, painful to watch the way the race for the presidency of the greatest country in the world is accelerating into the gutter in ways we have not seen in generations,” a Colorado Republican said. “I feel ashamed and sad that the party of Abraham Lincoln has been hijacked in such a profoundly disconcerting and dysfunctional way.”

Can’t end the week much better than with cookies and milk, right?

Have a great Friday night, y’all.

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