Trump “Apologizes”

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Kevin Madden, a Republican Strategist, just asked the same question I, and many others are asking. It took Donald Trump and his campaign hours to make that?

As if he were a hostage being forced to read enemy propaganda, Donald Trump put out a recorded video statement, at 12:15 a.m. EST, where he “apologized” for what he said in his 2005 hot mic conversation with Access Hollywood.

Referencing the “decade old video” Trump did in fact say “I said it, I was wrong, and I apologize.” The next minute of his statement mentioned nothing else about the remarks or the controversy that has ensued as a result.

Instead he went on to call it “nothing but a distraction” from the real issues and right on cue, turned his attention to Bill Clinton’s past exploits and Hillary’s attempt to bully women into silence.

Never mind that poll after poll after poll shows that voters see Hillary Clinton as a more sympathetic figure when she is attacked for the wrongdoing of her husband; Trump just doesn’t get it at all. The reason this thing took so long to make is because he had to be dragged kicking and screaming just to give a halfhearted, at best, apology for actually bragging about groping women.

I also find it funny how Trump dismissed these comments as a decade old only to later attack the Clinton’s for things that happened way before 2005.

If Trump does in fact lose in November, this country will be spared at least four more years of this disgusting human being. But even if he loses 40 states, the fact that he was tied with Clinton as recently as a week-and-a-half-ago, despite all of his past comments, says a lot about where we are as a country.

After this election is over, this country – not just the Republican Party, but the everyday American, and our media – really needs to take a good hard look at itself and wonder how we got to this point; where a guy like Donald Trump can come this close to being President of the United States.

Just the very thought of him in the Oval Office offends me to my core and everybody – Democrat, Republican, Independent, or apolitical – with any sense of common decency should feel the same way.

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  1. MoCoKevin

    I see Mitt got out a repudiation tweet 4 1/2 hours prior to the “apology” by The Donald and he almost never tweets, whereas The Donald tweets at 3AM. Took him that long to realize his mess up. Interesting.


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