Hillary Lays Low

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For once, national Democrats are doing something right. When your opponent is drowning in self-inflicted bad news to a historic degree, the last thing you want to do is take any attention away from the spectacle. This is precisely the right way to go.

Democrats are watching from offstage as a Republican drama unfolds before them, determined not to step on their opponents’ bad news and eager to tie down-ballot Republican candidates to their increasingly isolated nominee.

With Republicans fleeing Trump and a growing chorus calling for him to step aside in the wake of a new video showing him boasting about using his fame to make sexual advances on women, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has remained largely silent except to lay the groundwork for their party’s congressional candidates to link their opponents to Trump’s troubles.

The Clinton campaign decided Saturday that the candidate would do no interviews or make any further statement about Trump’s recorded comments before the debate Sunday evening, a close aide said.

Then on Monday, unleash hell on every GOP candidate in sight, a barrage of ads that should mow down all but the most resilient Senate and House candidates. The goal now should be to spread the campaign as far and wide as is humanly possible. Nothing is off limits, no race too far-fetched to take a stab at. Political nerd heartthrob Nate Silver says so – who are you to say otherwise?

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