Donald Trump Is A Wonderful Family Man

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And other fantasy stories. A recurring theme, today brought to you by the lovely Brits at the Daily Mail. Every time I think we’ve reached the bottom, I am proven wrong almost immediately.

Donald Trump has admitted cutting off medical treatment to his nephew’s sick baby after he allegedly had his alcoholic brother’s children cut out of his father’s will.

In an interview with the New York Times, Trump said he retaliated because he was ‘angry because they sued’.

His brother Freddy, a pilot, had died an alcoholic in 1981, aged 43. 

He had two children – named after his parents Fred and Mary – with a stewardess he married at age 23 called Linda Clapp. The couple later divorced.

Freddy’s son, Fred III, spoke at the funeral. Later that night, his wife went into labor but the baby had cerebral palsy.

The Trump family promised to pay the medical bills.

But when Fred Sr.’s will was read, it revealed that the majority of his inheritance would be split between his children – except Freddy Trump Jr.

Freddy’s children sued and alleged that Donald – who helped draft the will – and his surviving siblings had influenced Fred Sr., who had suffered from dementia.

They also said an earlier version of the will had said they would receive a share of their grandfather’s fortune – believed to have been more than $20million.

So the real estate mogul, the frontrunner for the GOP’s presidential nomination, got his revenge by withdrawing the medical care for his nephew’s sick child.

At the time, he had said the exclusion was because his father disliked Freddy’s ex-wife. Now, he admits, it was out of anger – but says the suit was settled ‘very amicably’.

Oh, well, that makes it all just fine. “I acted like a total asshole with no regard for decent behavior, but hey, we settled, so it’s all good.” Pretty much textbook malignant narcissism right there.

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