Report: Ted Cruz To Endorse Donald Trump As Early As Today

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In the latest installment of “Nothing Matters in the 2016 Election,” it is being reported that multiple sources “familiar with the plans” are saying Texas Sen. Ted Cruz will endorse Donald Trump and the endorsement could come as early as today. Because of course he is going to.

I cannot imagine too many people are surprised by this. I know Cruz went on national TV at the Republican Convention and, in front of millions of people, refused to endorse Donald Trump for president. But this was at a time when Cruz, and others, were certain Trump was going to lose. Fast forward to today and it turns out, much to the surprise of many (not me, mind you) Donald Trump has a real shot at winning this thing.

Ted Cruz wants power and influence should Trump pull an upset and win the presidency. If he refused to endorse, a President Trump would shut him out of everything and Cruz would be more of a pariah in Republican circles than he already is. It is political calculation at its finest.

2016 is something else, isn’t it? It’s crazy enough a guy like Trump won the Republican nomination, let alone has a shot at actually being the guy who runs our country next year. Now add in the fact that Ted Cruz is going to endorse the guy who played the birther card on him during the primaries and also accused his father, multiple times, of helping to assassinate John F. Kennedy.

The year long fall into the abyss continues.

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