I For One Welcome Our Self-Driving Car Overlords

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When it comes to self-driving cars, like Kent Brockman, I’m pretty excited about the prospect of them.

If you’re like Sarah Connor and you’re a little more concerned, you’re not going to like this new development.

Federal officials say they intend to aggressively shape the emergence of driverless cars, increasing their role well beyond the traditional recalls of cars when they prove defective.

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx spelled out that determination Monday in issuing a long-awaited policy paper that details 15 points he expects automakers to comply with as they rush to put autonomous cars on the road.

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Long awaited by automakers and state officials grappling with the issue, the federal government on Tuesday plans to lay out in greater detail its vision for revolutionizing the way in which people get from one place to the next.

There’s a lot of interesting discussion in the piece, which I highly recommend that you read. In your lifetimes – and maybe even mine – self-driving cars will be a common sight on our roads and highways. How we manage that development will be critical in not only creating that reality but in making it as safe, available and useful as is possible. It’s encouraging to see the federal government getting as actively engaged as this at such an early point in the process. 

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