Moderators Announced for Presidential and VP Debates

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The moderators for the three presidential debates and the one vice presidential debate have been announced. They are as follows:

Presidential Debates

  1. Monday, Sept. 26: Lester Holt; Host of NBC Nightly News
  2. Sunday, October 9: Martha Raddatz & Anderson Cooper; Chief Global Affairs Correspondent for ABC News, frequent guest host of “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” and Host of Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, respectively
  3. Wednesday, October 19: Chris Wallace; Host of Fox News Sunday

Vice Presidential Debate

  1. Tuesday, October 4: Elaine Quijano; Anchor and Corespondent at CBS News

I have never missed a chance to bash the media during this election cycle, but that does not mean there are not very good journalists out there. The people on this list are some of the best.

Lester Holt has been a great host of NBC Nightly News in the wake of the Brian Williams fabrication story that cost him the anchor seat last year, and he did a great job in the debates he moderated during the primaries. The classic tough, but fair, journalist.

Raddatz does very well on “This Week” and is a veteran foreign policy journalist; so we know what the main theme of the second debate will be. And for all the justifiable flack CNN gets for being awful, especially many of the guests and “pundits” they have on, Cooper, along with Jake Tapper, is one of the networks best anchors.

Many people are probably going to scoff at the idea of Chris Wallace hosting a debate seeing he works for Fox “News” and all. But Wallace is a true professional and asks tough questions to all of his guests. If I ever watch something Fox News related, it is either to see Chris Wallace do an interview or to see one, or more, of their cable news anchors melt down on live TV after the GOP loses an election.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do not know anything about Elaine Quijano so I do not have an opinion about her. Obviously the debate commission sees something in her if they are selecting her to moderate the VP debate.

There is no word yet on whether Donald Trump will protest the selection of Ms. Quijano due to her Hispanic sounding name. We at Maryland Scramble will be sure to keep you posted if this changes.

So the debates are now set. The only question lingering is if all of them actually take place.

One thought on “Moderators Announced for Presidential and VP Debates

  1. Djed Rising Blog

    My only hope is that each moderator says to the audience, “Please hold your applause until we break for commercial.” Otherwise, Donald Trump will begin his freestyling and that won’t help the debates at all.

    The audience should know to keep quiet, no matter what Donal Trump says.

    I can hope, can’t I.


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