Miller On Hogan Executive Order

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To paraphrase the great Jedi orator Yoda: “Begun, the school start date wars have.”

Eschewing his usual multi-page, florid, and pointed rhetoric, Senate President Mike Miller issued a short, matter of fact, yet highly persuasive statement this afternoon on Larry Hogan’s executive order requiring the state’s public schools to push back start dates after Labor Day.

​“Rather than the extraordinary and legally questionable use of the Executive Order, it would have been more appropriate for the Governor to sponsor this matter as an Administration bill which he has never done. It would have required hard work on the part of the Governor and mostly likely compromise working with education experts and local officials around the State to reach agreement on how the goal could best be accomplished without harming students educational attainment.

Making a press show about this issue over a year in advance while holding hands with the State tax collector appears like political gamesmanship. The education of our students is too important to play political games like this without any input from local superintendents, boards of education, and teachers.”

Pass the popcorn. This movie is gonna be GOOD.

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