EXCLUSIVE: Mike Miller Is Not Happy – Again

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And so he’s done what he does best when he’s unhappy, which is to take out his inkwell and craft a letter expressing his displeasure in clear and forceful terms.

Today, the object of his ire is the Deputy Transportation Secretary, former Delegate James Ports, who has decided to create chaos by interpreting a interpreting a transportation scoring bill passed by the General Assembly over Governor Hogan’s veto to freak out county officials just before the MACO conference last week. Even after an Attorney General opinion made clear that the required scoring of projects isn’t to begin until next year, Ports kept at it in increasingly strident rhetoric.

Senator Miller is not amused. Far from it. Here’s a copy of his August 23 letter to Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn, calling for Ports to be fired or at least reassigned to a “position where he does not have responsibility for communicating with local officials.”

This is the latest in a series of what appear to be orchestrated attacks by the Governor on Democratic legislators and laws. Contrary to his first year in office, Hogan’s 2016 antics appear to be clumsy, awkward, and nowhere near as deftly handled. I think Miller’s resort to his trademark style of bombastic letter writing is shrewdly timed here – after “union thugs,” heated sidewalks and now transportation scoring, Miller may well be seeing what I am, which is a governor who increasingly is acting like Bob Ehrlich and less like the 2015 version of Larry Hogan.

And if nothing else, Miller writes letters that Maryland politicos like to read. So you’re welcome.

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